December 7th: Christmas in Pelham

11.23.18 09:56 AM By marketing.pelhambusiness

Join the PBA at Christmas in Pelham

The PBA will be hosting a booth at this year’s Christmas Market under the arches.  The board will be staffing the booth and we welcome any members who volunteer to work an hour shift to contact us. 


We would like to have a draw for the community.  

If you would like to make a donation to the gift box with goods representing your business, 

please email as soon as possible.  We can arrange a pick up or drop off point. 


Let’s show our community who we are by showcasing our businesses! A Small investment for a greater audience.  A larger prize will draw a larger crowd! We will also be holding a draw for a free PBA membership to encourage other local businesses to participate.  Thank you for your consideration and I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity!

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