Full Moon Meditation and Gong Bath

03.06.19 10:13 AM By marketing.pelhambusiness

Symphonic Gong Heals

Falling on the night of the full moon every month we join together by meditating to increase our clarity, calibre and capacity to live our truth. Receiving the vibrations of the Symphonic Gong heals us both physically and spiritually. Gonging has been proven to strengthen the glandular system, tying it together with the full moon, which we know affects our bodies natural rhythms and hormones, increases its power to deeply relax and heal at a cellular level. 


March 20, April 19, May 18, June 17, July 16, September 14, October 13, November 12, December 12 


Avadata Yoga Studio 1554 Maple Street Fenwick, Ontario L0S 1C0



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